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Features 1. New Generation SONY CCD     Adopting  the  latest  Second-generation  high-sensitive  CCD  and  DSP,  it  can  receive  clear  and  lucid     imagen even at circumstances with very low illumination. 2. Hi-resolution Video Resolution     Color horizontal resolution can reach 650TVL, B/W horizontal resolution reach 700TVL. 3. Day & Night Switch     Day & Night camera can switch automatically into color or B/W according  to  optical  changes.  When  the     environment gets down gloomily, the new genetarion day & night camera uses  new  generation´s  original     installation magnetism valve type infrared optical filter, will replace automatically for the transparent optical     filter. The camera will automatically cut over for clean, sharp black-and-white images. 4. Adactive Tone Reproduction (WDR)     The dynamic camera expands the picture applicable scope, used the state-of-art science and technology,     the effective technology which is mainly used in simultaneously photographing when building interior and     window  spots.  Using  this  kind  of  technology  is  able  to  display   indoor   and   the   outdoor   picture     simultaneously & Cleary. 5. 2 Digital noise reduction technology     In the camera solidifies the digital noise reduction function toughed, strengthened the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) and the image clarity, thus the  camera  can  get  clear,     sharp images under the low light environment. 6. MD Multi-district establishment function     When the user is monitoring, the day and night camera monitor any  object  on  the  screen  starting  to  move,  will  transmit  an  alarm  immediately  to  the  monitoring     equipment, causes the user attention the object which moves on screen. the new generation day & night camera has the multi-region migration detection establishment     function, and has sensitivity multiple establishments for move detection. Any motion object, at any time even there is no place to run  away.  The subtle  points  appears     completely. 7. (PRIVACY) PRIVACY ZONES multi-district establishment function     To carry on the privacy protection in the public region, stemming from  the  protection  by  the  monitoring  either  the  environment  privacy,  some  special  area or  the     phantom will camouglage through the privacy the black block to camouflage the image, archieves the privacy protection goal.  With  the  new  generation  day  &  night     camera, the user may stablish easily the privacy position and size to camouflage the clack clock. The camera developed many privacy protection question in each kind    of situation monitoring becomes easy, simple. 8. OSD control simply & conveniently     The new generation day and night camera has disposed the function rich completely, all cameras operations completely by  the  demostration  on  monitoring  device´s     menu relaxed debugging. The user carry on superior performance establishments at the greatest degree, sonveniently. Thus  the  camera  has  been  guaranteed  with     quality picture effect. Specs